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E3 2015: Most Anticipated Video Game Soundtracks

June 3, 2015 | | 4 Comments Share thison Facebook E3 2015: Most Anticipated Video Game Soundtrackson Twitter

There are not that many video game soundtracks that I have been anticipating but today I got a serious soundtrack vibe. As E3 is approaching there have been numerous hopes and speculation about the Japan Studio and Team Ico’s The Last Guardian. Every year for the past few years at the beginning of June I dutifully revisit the two breathtaking trailers for the game. There’s the E3 2009 trailer which runs about 4 minutes, and there’s the Tokyo Game Show 2010 trailer that runs about 2 minutes.  In the first trailer there are no mentions of who will be handling the music for the game but, it does mention that the Sound Design is being handled by Tsubasa Ito.

So being the curious type I try to look for hints, and clues about who will be doing the music for the game.  As Kow Otani composed the now classic score for Shadow of the Colossus in 2005 my sights are on him.  Secrecy in the Japanese game industry is legendary, and it may be nothing but it looks like Tsubasa Ito recently started following Kow Otani on Twitter.  I may be grasping at feathers here, but one can dream right?

Are you anticipating any video game soundtracks for games that might be announced at E3 this year?



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