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A Unique Note for a Unique Story: Earth Seeker Scored by Unique Note

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Well, maybe it’s old news by now given that the game was released last week in Japan, but we’ve been informed that our friends over at Unique Note were responsible for the game’s soundtrack. In case you don’t remember, Unique Note is a studio formed by composers Tetsuya Shibata and Yoshino Aoki, and as you can imagine, you’ll be hearing some of Aoki’s lovely voice throughout the score as well.

We were given a taste of the game’s main theme which comes as a lengthy and epic orchestral piece. The latter half features Aoki’s voice, and I have to say, being mainly familiar with her vocal work from Breath of Fire III, what she’s done in Earth Seeker is impressive both in terms of range and production values. I was particularly impressed by Shibata’s string work, and it turns out he used LASS for the project, which Kunal just reviewed last weekend.  There’s no word yet regarding a soundtrack release, or even a Western release for the game (there are petitions going around for this game alongside The Last Story, Pandora’s Tower, and Xenoblade), but I’m hoping that some of the game’s music gets released in Japan if the main theme is any indication.

Are you interested in Unique Note’s score for Earth Seeker? Are you hoping that the game gets an English-language release and that a soundtrack is produced in Japan?

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