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Eminent Hiros: Otakon 2010+August 14th Tokyo Concert

July 21, 2010 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Eminent Hiros: Otakon 2010+August 14th Tokyo Concerton Twitter

As has just been recently announced on the Otakon 2010 website,  Eminence founder and violin virtuoso Hiroaki Yura, composer Hiroki Kikuta and singer Shihori will not only be attending Otakon 2010 in Baltimore, they created the exclusive theme song for the event. A quick jaunt to the Eminence website reveals that it’s called “Shackles of Night,” composed by Kikuta, supervised by Yura and sung by Shihori. There’s also an option to pre-order the CD, which comes with three versions of the song (I’m particularly and embarrassingly fond of the Vocaloid rendition), a B-side tune by Shihori that reminds me a little of Love Solfege and three new collaborations between Kikuta and Yura, all arrangements of unreleased music for an undisclosed but very popular PlayStation (1) fighting game.

In addition to this, Eminence has just announced that they’re doing an ensemble performance in Tokyo on the 14th of August. Those fortunate enough to attend can expect to hear “Beyond the Sky” (the credits song from Xenoblade), “Shackles of Night,” a selection of Secret of Mana music (my money’s on “Meridian Dance” at least, since they’ve performed it before), some Chrono Cross and at least one track from the Makoto Shinkai image album PROMISE, which we just about loved to pieces. Naturally, Hiroki Kikuta, Shihori and Sarah Alainn will be attending, as well as core members of Eminence  — and yes, there are plans to stream the Tokyo concert for the other 6.6 billion or so people who can’t be there.

Which includes me! So here’s to hoping…

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