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Epic Fantasy Rock Performance in Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Trailer

September 26, 2008 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Epic Fantasy Rock Performance in Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Traileron Twitter

While I admit I’ve never played or even heard of the original Sacred, I chanced across this interesting trailer today that features a performance by the renowned heavy metal group Blind Guardian. The trailer features your standard fantasy fare, but with the addition of Blind Guardian’s epic theme song, appropriately titled “Sacred,” this game definitely looks a whole lot cooler. Oh, and the lyrics are in English in case you’re wondering.

Also, Wikipedia tells me that the band will be featured in Fable 2 as well, so while you may not have heard of the Blind Guardian if you’re not into this fantasy-esque rock style, you’re likely going to be hearing more from them in the future.

Are you a fan of Blind Guardian and are glad to see them working in games? Is this a step up from the overly generic orchestral themes that usually find their way into RPGs?

[via Destructoid]

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