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Etrian Odyssey IV Ditches FM Synthesis For Live Players

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Looking forward to Etrian Odyssey IV for the Nintendo 3DS? After checking out the game’s website and hearing the three samples from the soundtrack, I certainly am. The three samples sound remarkably similar to the Live Music by Piano and Strings Super Arrange Version album, and I immediately noticed the distinct lack of retro FM/PC sounds used.

Well, we contacted Yuzo Koshiro and have confirmation that the game will not be using retro synthesis, and will be relying entirely upon live performances paired with modern sample libraries. As it turns out, Norihiko Hibino, who arranged and coordinated the recording sessions for the Live Music by Piano and Strings album is on board for Etrian Odyssey IV and is essentially doing the same thing.

While it’s a bummer that we won’t be getting an FM version of the Etrian Odyssey IV soundtrack, I’m excited about the prospect of a 3DS title having such a high-quality and kick ass soundtrack. Samples two and three are particularly nice.

What do you make of the change in direction?

[Thanks Brandon!]

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