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Exception Lays out its Synthwave Soundtrack

December 11, 2015 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Exception Lays out its Synthwave Soundtrackon Twitter

Traxmaster Software has just announced the artists that will be providing the music for their upcoming PC platformer, Exception. As you might expect for a game that glows through a grid of scanlines with the neon tinge of the 80’s, the soundtrack will be heavy on synthwave. Contributors include Waveshaper, Zero Call, Protector 101, Kalax, Daroc, Preqwal, Lueur Verte and Compilerbau.

You can get a feel for the music and Exception’s lightning fast gameplay (think N+ or Super Meat Boy) in the new soundtrack trailer above. Check out the official site for more on the game and its music leading up to Exception’s mid-2016 launch on Steam.

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