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EXTRA – HYPER GAME MUSIC EVENT 2008 Announced (Longest Event Title In History)

September 3, 2008 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook EXTRA – HYPER GAME MUSIC EVENT 2008 Announced (Longest Event Title In History)on Twitter

Kind of sounds like a Street Fighter II subtitle.

Well, here it comes, another reason to be jealous of gamers in Japan.  The EXTRA – HYPER GAME MUSIC EVENT 2008 has been announced.  The show celebrated it’s inaugural performance last year, featuring a long list of game music celebrities performing live for fans.  Last year they had a DJ stage and a live stage with names like Hip Tanaka, The Outer Rim, Yasunori Mitsuda, and Yuzo Koshiro.  There will even be a performance using three linked copies of KORG DS-10. Most of these guys will be hitting the stage once again a day after the Tokyo Game Show on October 13, 2008, so if you’re lucky enough to be in town, be sure to hit this one up.

I do find it somewhat odd that they’re announcing the event only a month before it’s set to take place, but given it’s proximity in both time and location to TGS, I’m sure it will be packed.  I’d be super stoked to meet Hip Tanaka.  If we’re lucky, maybe Dale will grace us with his impressions of the show. Check the official website for more information regarding attendees and ticketing.

Anyone extra that you’d like to see at the show next month? Wish they’d put on a show like this in the United States?

[via Nobuooo]

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