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Final Fantasy VI Orchestral Concert in Japan: Meet the Littlejack Orchestra!

August 21, 2009 | | 6 Comments Share thison Facebook Final Fantasy VI Orchestral Concert in Japan: Meet the Littlejack Orchestra!on Twitter

An entire concert dedicated to Final Fantasy VI? Yes, it’s true. Apparently the Littlejack Orchestra is will be performing an entire evening of Final Fantasy VI on August 23, 2009 in Yokohama, Japan. If you’re anything like me, you’re pulling your hair out that you can’t be at this show. Most of my favorite tracks from the game are here, including “Kids Run Through the City Corner,” “Save Them,” “Dancing Mad,” and the track we told Uematsu last month that’s missing at every performance of the opera scene: “Grand Finale?”

I didn’t know much about the Littlejack Orchestra, but Shota filled me in that it’s an amateur orchestra founded by Sekiguchi-san, who happens to work at Dog Ear Records. An interesting revelation indeed, considering this is a non-sanctioned event (as far as I’m aware) being hosted by somebody associated with Uematsu’s record label. Maybe there are some secret deals going on behind the scenes, which would be awesome if it produced a recording for those (all?) of us who won’t be able to make it.

Anyway, we’ll have a report for you from Japan, so watch out for it!  Find the full set list after the jump.

01. Opening Theme
02. Battle Theme
03. Fanfare
04. Cefca
05. The Mystic Forest
06. Kids Run Through the City Corner
07. Save Them
08. The Decisive Battle
09. Tina’s Theme
10. The Wedding Waltz ~ Duel
11. Grand Finale?
12. Rest in Peace
13. Searching for Friends
14. Epitaph
15. Dancing Mad
16. Ending Theme
17. Prelude

Have a particular favorite?

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