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Find Your Lost Love with Ceress and Orea Original Game Soundtrack Now Available

May 11, 2018 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Find Your Lost Love with Ceress and Orea Original Game Soundtrack Now Availableon Twitter

If you’re jonesing for an emotional game with equally emotional soundtrack, then you might be interested in Ceress and Orea. The game centers on the forbidden love between two people, the condemnation of the former, and the story of perseverance to overcome the odds and take back the love that was denied them. It’s sort of a Orpheus and Eurydice story in the form of an indie adventure-puzzle game.

Composed by Ryan Fogleman and blending contemporary classical, ambient, and electronic sounds, the Ceress and Orea Original Soundtrack follows the trials of Ceress as she attempts to fight her way out of the Abyss she’s been banished to for being in love with another woman. The soundtrack takes on both a mellow and haunting quality to convey the themes of love, loss and battling through adversity.

Ceress and Orea is an intimate, beautiful love story with adventure and puzzle elements. I knew that it needed a score that was touching and gripping without being overly grandiose – since there are relatively few named characters in the game, there was a lot of opportunity to write leitmotifs and focus on the detailed musical representation of every area and character, as well as the relationship between the titular women, Ceress and Orea. ” – Ryan Fogleman, Composer

Ceress and Orea (Original Game Soundtrack) is available now on Bandcamp, iTunes and streaming on Spotify. You can check out more of Fogleman’s works on his Soundcloud.

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