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Brave Wave Productions released the soundtrack to Flat Kingdom earlier this month on October 2, 2015.  Manami Matsumae’s latest work is a refreshing take on music for an adventure platformer.  Brave Wave describes the game briefly:

Flat Kingdom is a 2D platformer for Steam. In this magical place, everything is Flat as paper. But the evil masked thief recently kidnapped the princess and stole the magic jewels from the king! Now everything is turning into 3D, animals became evil, and chaos threatens to engulf the whole world. The only one capable of withstanding this madness is Flat, a little hero who can transform into a circle, triangle, or square at will. With his abilities, he must face great dangers in order to save the world!

Manami Matsumae is famously known as the composer and sound designer of the original Mega Man, making both the addictive music and the memorable sound effects back then.


According to the Steam web site for the game Manami Matsumae describes how she approached the music for the game:

“I saw that the game was a very fun-looking puzzle action title with a protagonist similar to Kirby. So I thought of a theme that symbolized the cuteness of the characters while having plenty of motion. I hope everyone enjoys this game”.

Manami Matsumae

I just finished listening to the album and it’s a solid effort and at times did remind me of some Kirby game moments.  The album is available at Brave Wave Productions as a digital download for $9.  The game has not been released on Steam yet but it looks great, you can read more about it on the Flat Kingdom website.

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