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Fragile’s US Pre-Order Bonus Is 20% Better Than Japan’s

February 13, 2010 | | 4 Comments Share thison Facebook Fragile’s US Pre-Order Bonus Is 20% Better Than Japan’son Twitter

XSEED made my day yesterday when they announced that fans who pre-order Fragile in the United States will be receiving a bonus CD titled MOONLIGHT TRACKS. I never thought we’d get this game, much less a bonus soundtrack disc. Japan also received a pre-order a similar pre-order bonus titled MOONLIGHT TRAX, and I have to admit that I like their trendy album title a little better.

So where does this 20% business come into play? Well, apparently XSEED is saying the MOONLIGHT TRACKS disc features 12 selections from the game, whereas Japan’s MOONLIGHT TRAX featured only 10 (for those of you who aren’t good at math, that’s 20% more music!). So not only are we getting the CD, but we’re getting 2 additional tracks. How’s that for taking care of their fans in the US? If there’s one saving grace for the Japanese release at this point, it’s that the cover art was a whole lot classier.

The game is out in March on the Wii, and I couldn’t be more excited for it. Watch for our coverage next month!

Are you surprised that XSEED has decided to release this CD in the US? Will you be picking it up?

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