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From Korea With Love: DJ Max Fever Coming to the US

August 13, 2008 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook From Korea With Love: DJ Max Fever Coming to the USon Twitter

I haven’t really had the opportunity to profess my love for Korean game music so far on OSV, but I can tell you now that I am completely obsessed with anything by Korean sound studio SoundTeMP, which includes members ESTi and Nauts. Aside from Granado Espada (which ESTi worked on at SoundTeMP), we haven’t seen too many Korean games with their music come stateside, so I was very excited when I read that the Korean DJ Max Portable titles were coming. They will bundled together under the name DJ Max Fever, and they feature the music of both ESTi and Nauts.

Due out on November 11, the game will sport over 100 songs, network play, and a number of varying difficulties (which you’re going to need, because I heard this game is HARD). So here we go with another rhythm game! I’m pretty sure this one will be awesome.

Are you a fan of Korean game music? Are you surprised to see DJ Max Portable finally coming to the States?

[via Nobuooo]
[Video via IGN]

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