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FX4: virt’s Next FX Installment Drops March 1st on Ubiktune

February 26, 2012 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook FX4: virt’s Next FX Installment Drops March 1st on Ubiktuneon Twitter

More goodness from virt and Ubiktune hot off their big wins in our OSVOSTOTY 2011 Awards. Jake Kaufman will be releasing the fourth installment in his popular FX series on March 1st on the Ubiktune label, with a pre-release listening party to take place beforehand on Noise Channel. TrueStar and virt will be talking about the album at length on the program before playing it live in its entirety and making it available to the public on Ubiktune and Bandcamp.

Oh, and you have to read this story setup for FX4, which is apparently a prequel to the events of FX3 (I never even knew these albums told a story… I just loved the music!):

“It concerns the loss of an experimental superweapon at sea, during a future war. Decades later it is recovered by a team of scientists, and restored to working condition. An aircraft which creates space-time anomalies, its use has unforeseen consequences, such as allowing a gay time-travelling vampire (FX3’s antihero) to cross into our universe. FX4 is written in FamiTracker using only 2A03 sounds, and contains 9 songs packed with loving detail.”

Sounds good to me! What do you think? Are you looking forward to the release of FX4 next week?

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