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Game Boy Rock!! Special Edition Now Available

September 10, 2010 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Game Boy Rock!! Special Edition Now Availableon Twitter

Last year I was swooned and smitten by this little chiptune EP made with the humble little Game Boy by a bulgy big boy. Game Boy Rock!! was an excellent showcase of Wizwars’s unique and highly danceable tunes that ravers and lovers alike could create romance with, and now it’s back in an all new edition.

Game Boy Rock!! Special Edition comes with 3 new tracks and a DVD case modeled after the Game Boy casing. So no matter what way you shake or twist this baby, it’ll look just like the gray plucker we all love and cherish. The CD is limited to 40 copies and is sure to be a good gift for yourself, your loved ones or your next door neighbor, so buy it today.

Oh I forgot to mention, I made the artwork. /End of shameless plug

Available At: Kunaki

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