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GameChops Offers Two $10 VGM Remix Bundles This Weekend

April 3, 2014 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook GameChops Offers Two $10 VGM Remix Bundles This Weekendon Twitter

The folks over at GameChops and Loudr are promoting a special deal starting now until the end of this weekend. To celebrate the two year anniversary of the GameChops label, you can pick up two different videogame music bundles, featuring various albums from the GameChops catalog. Each $10 bundle contains 5 albums of videogame remixes.

There is an EDM Bundle, which features the albums Club Needlemouse (Sonic the Hedgehog), VLAD (Castlevania), NESteryears (Nintendo Classics), Boss Beats (Mega Man), and Triple Triad: Booster Pack (Final Fantasy VI, VII, VIII). The second bundle is a Chillout Electronica Bundle, which contains the KK and Friends (Animal Crossing), Ridge Racer Arrange, Hydrocity (Sonic the Hedgehog), Goombette (Super Mario RPG), and MeowMeow and BowWow (Zelda: Link’s Awakening) albums.

Each bundle features music by some great remix artists. These artists include Ben Briggs, Joshua Morse, DJ Cutman, ABSRDST, VLAD, and many more. There’s something for any fan of EDM and Electronica VGM remixes. Both the EDM Bundle and the Chillout Bundle can be found on Loudr and will be available through April 6th. Grab these while you can.

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