Garrett McPherson Spins Metroid Synth with Return to Zebes

March 28, 2018 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Garrett McPherson Spins Metroid Synth with Return to Zebeson Twitter

Spring may be here but dependent on where you are it may still feel as gloomy as the surface of Brinstar. So it’s appropriate that Materia Collective and composer Garrett McPherson have released an album tribute to the Metroid series and its music.

Return to Zebes is a nine-track celebration of the music of Super Metroid. McPherson puts a guitar-synth spin on the most well-known pieces of music from the game and presents them as loving covers giving tribute to the spirit of the series.

Return to Zebes is available now on Bandcamp for $7. You can find the full credits for the album on Materia Collective‘s website.

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