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GDC 2011: 3DS Development, Koji Kondo in Lipstick?

March 3, 2011 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook GDC 2011: 3DS Development, Koji Kondo in Lipstick?on Twitter

Here at GDC, there’s a lot of talk about the upcoming US release of Nintendo’s 3DS. A panel was held yesterday about the development of the handheld by Hideki Konno, who traditionally has worked in software, and tried his hand at hardware this time around. He spent time talking about the team involved along with showing some of the prototypes of the system, and how they were used to win over the team that 3D would be a good idea for this system.

I enjoyed seeing the prototypes, but got the biggest kick out of the organizational chart that Konno showed near the beginning of his speech. It shows Koji Kondo as a sort of second-tier creator at Nintendo EAD, right beneath Shigeru Miyamoto himeslf, which was cool. I found the bright red lips on him to be a little odd, however.

Hit the jump for our photo gallery from the talk.

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