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Grab 10 Chiptune Albums for as little as $3

July 14, 2015 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook Grab 10 Chiptune Albums for as little as $3on Twitter

Is it time to load up on some chiptune albums? Groupees has launched their seventh Chiptune + Charity bundle  and for as little as $3 you can nab ten albums from Bignic, Shirobon, Monomer, Glenntai, Zalza, MisfitChris, MmcM, Note!, Zabutom and Xyce. There are also some bonuses to be had, the first of which is a live streaming performance by Glenntai for those who buy the bundle. The second bonus (yet to be unlocked) is a live performance by Zabutom.

I’m always up for more music from Bignic but I admit, I’m not familiar with many of the other groups. The samples sound pretty good, though, especially Monomer and Shirobon. What about you? Any favorites in this bundle or are you stumbling into this with me?

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