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Grab some free Soundtracks from the PlayStation Store

December 28, 2017 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Grab some free Soundtracks from the PlayStation Storeon Twitter

Grab some free Soundtracks from the PlayStation Store

While keeping an eye out for PlayStation Store deals over the holidays, I decided on a whim to search for “soundtrack” and sort by “price: low to high”. Surprisingly, I turned up a handful of free albums that anyone can grab right now as long as you’ve got a PlayStation 3 or 4.

From 2012 is the 18-track soundtrack from Datura, Sony’s trippy PlayStation 3 experiment that came out of the Polish demoscene. From 2013 there’s the massive (and massively chill) soundtrack from Knytt Underground on PlayStation 3. To celebrate the launch of inFAMOUS Second Son in 2014, Sucker Punch released the game’s 29-track soundtrack from Marc Canham (Far Cry 2), Nathan Johnson (Looper, Brick) and Brain (Tom Waits, Primus) as a free app on PlayStation 4. And most recently in 2016, 505 Games released the 7-track soundtrack to Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf from Francesco Libralon and Lorenzo Scagnolari on PlayStation 4.

The search page also makes for a handy reminder for anyone who pre-ordered Bloodborne or The Order: 1886 as they both came with free soundtracks that you can still download. Ndreams’ The Assembly also has a free 13-track album waiting for anyone who purchased the PlayStation VR game since its release in 2016.

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