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Grab Your Purchases from Loudr by June 30th

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Grab Your Purchases from Loudr by June 30th

Apologies for the late notice, the date really sneaked up on me! Last December Loudr announced that they would be terminating their online sales marketplace and focusing solely on their music licensing and distribution service. As such, new sales of music already on Loudr ended on January 31st but the ability to re-download anything you’ve already purchased ends this Friday, June 30th.

The site has been a little finicky ever since the announcement. That’s why I’m now scrambling to download my own purchases which include several of the Game Music Bundles that the site was known for. It may take a few tries and some patience while the page loads but the download process is working well. You can still choose multiple audio formats (320 MP3, FLAC, etc) and either download to your hard drive or export directly to Dropbox.

Fortunately, it looks like most of the video game related music on Loudr exists elsewhere. Most of the artists I’ve checked have their music available on Bandcamp, Soundcloud or other digital platforms. But if you already bought it on Loudr you may as well grab it while you can.

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