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Hear some great Modern Game Music Interviews on Music Respawn!

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While boning up on the blues for my Mafia III review my searches led me to the fantastic Music Respawn! program from WSHU radio out of Connecticut. Created by Kate Remington, the station’s classical music director, the show is just nearly a year old but has already chatted with some major names. Michael Salvatori on Destiny, Austin Wintory on Abzu, Jason Graves on Farlands, Grant Kirkhope on Yooka-Laylee. Remington has also spoken with performers whose creations combine classical music and video games like The Videri String Quartet, the creators of A New World: Intimate Music from Final Fantasy and even the Los Angeles Jewish Orchestra.

Episodes are typically 30-40 minutes in length, include plenty of music clips and sound just as well produced as any of the NPR shows that WSHU broadcasts. Each episode’s page is also fleshed out with a synopsis, images, videos and more music clips. Most recently she’s spoken with Darren Korb about his work with Supergiant Games, Greg Edmonson on going from Firefly to Uncharted and Chad Seiter’s soundtrack to ReCore. You can follow Music Respawn! online or subscribe through iTunes.

What are some of your favorite game music podcasts or interview shows? Let us know in the comments.

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