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HearJapan To Go Unheard

HearJapan To Go Unheard

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We received some sad news over the weekend.

HearJapan, a digital music distribution service with a lot of Japanese pop/rock, as well as some interesting game and anime soundtrack selections, is closing down on June 30, 2012. In a statement on their website, they explain that one of the reasons they have to close down is that they invested a lot of money into a “2.0” site redesign (which launched back in February), and they’ve been unable to recover the costs for that update.

On a personal level, I’m saddened about this. They’ve released some good albums to the English-speaking market, including some we’ve reviewed over the last couple years.

Again, however, we’d like to note alongside the folks at HearJapan that there are still two weeks left. So be sure to scour the site and purchase anything you think you might want before the site shuts down!

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