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I AM ONLY A MAN: Gaijin Games' Chris Osborn Talks Bit.Trip, Chiptunes

I AM ONLY A MAN: Gaijin Games’ Chris Osborn Talks Bit.Trip, Chiptunes

May 26, 2010 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook I AM ONLY A MAN: Gaijin Games’ Chris Osborn Talks Bit.Trip, Chiptuneson Twitter

In Bit.Trip Runner, the latest addition to their ongoing series of retro-inspired rhythm games, Chris Osborn and and the rest of the crew at Gaijin Games have taken one of gaming’s most heavily-trafficked memes — jumping — and put it under a super-stylized microscope to focus on what gamers value most: Fun. There are no complicated rules to learn besides ‘jump over things, slide under other things.’ You don’t even need to move left or right. And yet, Runner, like its predecessors, manages to create an intoxicating sense of simple satisfaction that few modern games can lay claim to.

I recently had the great pleasure of interviewing Chris for technology culture magazine MOTHERBOARD. Click through to join us as we hone in on the magic behind Bit.Trip, and the future of the chiptune & lo-fi retro movements that have inspired it.

Link: Interview – Gaijin Games & The Retro Rhythm Revival

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