I Must Break You: Rocky IV Like You’ve Never Heard It Before

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We here at OSV are undeniably some of Vince DiCola’s hugest fans. We’ve mentioned him numerous times on the site, including his work solo work and his soundtrack for The Transformers animated movie, but he was also responsible for the music behind Rocky IV. Now, there was a Rocky IV soundtrack released back in the 1980s, but it unfortunately only contained a few of DiCola’s many compositions, and was mainly dedicated to the licensed commercial music that was featured in the film. For the most part, Vince DiCola’s score was unavailable for outside listening… until now!

INTRADA has stepped in to save the day nearly 15 years after Rocky IV was released. They’ve obtained the rights to release all of Vince DiCola’s underscore for the classic film, and are taking orders as we speak on their website. While “Training Montage” and “War,” the two longest tracks on the album, were featured on the old Rocky IV soundtrack I mentioned above, there are over 10 new tracks on this album that have never been heard outside of the film. This is huge! The only setback is the price. They’re asking for $19.99 for approximately 32 minutes of music, but hey, supporting a cool move like this is definitely worth the cost. You can buy the album at the Intrada website.

Are you a fan of Vince DiCola’s work? Are you surprised that we’re seeing a Rocky IV soundtrack release in 2010?

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