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iam8bit is taking pre-orders for three classic rare game soundtracks on vinyl

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On August 4, 2015 iam8bit announced that they were taking pre-orders for three classic Rare video game soundtracks on vinyl: Battletoads, Banjo-Kazooie and Perfect Dark.

Originally, the Battletoads album was an exclusive release limited to 300 copies this year at San Diego Comic-con. This new pressing of Battletoads will be a single LP release while both completely new releases Banjo-Kazooie and Perfect Dark will span two LPs.  All three of these releases will be limited to 3000 copies each.

Read on to find out the details on track listing, album cover details, and pricing.  These look sweet.

180 Gram Vinyl
Music Composed by David Wise
Album Art by Nick Gazin

Limited Edition of 3,000 – $25.00

PAUSE MUSIC… ‘Nuff said.

iam8bit proudly presents the original soundtrack composed by the legendary David Wise. This green and yellow vinyl toad-ally rules…. yeah, we just said that. This year at San Diego Comic-Con, we sold out of our exclusive special edition, dubbed the “Dark Queen Variant”, featuring an embossed cover, alternate artwork inside the gatefold, and a sound chip that plays the cutscene music from the game. Only 300 of these were pressed. We’ve heard your cries and we now have a new version of the Battletoads vinyl IN STOCK!


2xLP 180 Gram Vinyl
Music Composed by Grant Kirkhope
Album Art by Jacub Gagnon

Limited Edition of 3,000 – $35.00

Music is such an integral part of the game — it’s no coincidence that the pair are named after instruments. To honor composer Grant Kirkhope’s incredibly iconic score for the game, we proudly present the original soundtrack as a beautiful double vinyl set, featuring art by Toronto based pop-surrealist Jacub Gagnon. Banjo-Kazooie was one of Jacub’s favorite games growing up, and it shows through how heartfully he recreated Banjo and Kazooie for this cover.


Perfect Dark
2xLP 180 Gram Vinyl
Music Composed by Grant Kirkhope,Graeme Norgate and David Clynick
Album Art by Marco D’Alfonso

Limited Edition of 3,000 – $35.00

Joanna Dark is such an incredible bad-ass. To create an eye-catching cover for our Perfect Dark double vinyl set, artist Marco D’Alfanso took the thematic iconography of the classic 007 paperback novels and gave us his interpretation of what if would look like with Joanna on the cover. You’ll remember this music pushing you through the suspenseful sci-fi landscape of the game. Legendary composers Grant Kirkhope, Graeme Norgate, and David Clynick created a moody soundtrack that tickles our nostalgia bone every time we hear it.


iam8bit has teamed up with Microsoft and Rare for these releases to celebrate Rare’s 30th Anniversary.  The announcement of these albums was timed with the release of Rare Replay which offers 30 classic Rare titles as an Xbox One Exclusive.

You can find further details and get your pre-orders in at iam8bit’s website including an awesome 30 Years of Rare Screen Print.  I hope these sell well, because if they do we can expect more great releases.  Come on Blast Corps!

Are there any Rare titles whose soundtrack you would like to see released on LP?

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