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Infatuation with Justin Lassen: Herbert Soundtrack, for Free

October 14, 2011 | | 18 Comments Share thison Facebook Infatuation with Justin Lassen: Herbert Soundtrack, for Freeon Twitter

We’re huge fans of Justin Lassen’s work, and it just so happens that he recently was tasked with scoring the iOS title, Herbert. As the colorful artwork above would suggest, the game is pretty strange, and Lassen does a perfect job capturing the vibrant and playful essence of the title and its visuals with his soundtrack.

While the 12-track album is electronic in nature, it’s pretty eclectic in terms of the territory it covers with quirky yet bubbly pieces flanking either end and heavier electronica found within the album’s middle. I was immediately drawn to “Good Things Fly By” with its playful belltone backing paired with rhythmic bongos and exotic sitar melody, the steel drums in “Infatuation With Cheese,” and the dark and gurgling “A Bad Night” with its overdriven synth lines and punchy percussion. “Pervert Intelligence” also has a sort of alternative rock vibe going for it with some guitar work.

In all, it’s some wonderfully produced music and it’s available for a free download, so head over to Justin Lassen’s blog entry on Herbert and give it a listen.

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