Instrument Envy: Custom Made Koopa Troopa Guitar

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I remember Dale posting about a crazy-ass guitar from Japan that came with a built-in sword, some gruesome eyeballs, and a terrible color scheme. While this custom made Koopa Troopa guitar isn’t nearly as bizarre, it’s certainly cool, and would have fit right in with the bands that performed at MAGFest last week.

What I don’t really understand about this one is the guitarist’s comments about it:

Just to clear this up. The guitar is right handed. I play it so the Koopa is on its back (its been stomped). When it is on a guitar stand its walking about. Just pretend Mario jumped on the Koopa Troopa and chose to hold it for too long so its escaping.

It still looks like it’s walking and not crawling out of its shell when it’s on its back! Sounds like a lame explanation to me. Regardless, I think it’s awesome! What do you guys think?

[via Destructoid]

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