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Intergalactic Redux Alliteration Contest!

February 10, 2011 | | 9 Comments Share thison Facebook Intergalactic Redux Alliteration Contest!on Twitter

We’ve had plenty of coverage for The OneUps’ new EP, Intergalactic Redux. Now we’re prepared to give away two copies to our readers! But to win, you’ll have to get a little funky yourself with some modern poetic techniques.

The following phrase appears on the back cover of the album, as well as on their bandcamp page:

A collection of cosmic creations concocted for the most cognitive cochleae capable of conscious comprehension – re-imagined, re-arranged and re-recorded by The OneUps.

You know what’s happening there, right? It’s called alliteration. Repeating the same sound at the beginning of each word.

Now, we’re willing to work with you a bit, so it doesn’t have to be strict alliteration. We’ll also accept assonance and consonance as long as you can make it really pronounced.

Come up with a sentence or two describing some game music, game music composer, and/or game music performer that you really admire. Make sure to use alliteration (or the related techniques described above). Post it in the comments section here, or on our Facebook page. We’ll find it either way.

Two weeks from today (that’s February 24th) we’ll announce the winners. Will you be one of them? Give it your best shot, and be rewarded with this funky-fresh sextuplet of songs. That wasn’t even very good alliteration, but we’ll accept similar to that, so don’t stress! Just leave a comment and see what happens!

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