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Interstellaria Original Soundtrack Available Now

July 27, 2015 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Interstellaria Original Soundtrack Available Nowon Twitter

Just released on Steam on July 17, 2015 Interstellaria is a real time space-exploration sim and crew management game where you can command a fleet of vessels wandering the galaxy for adventure and profit. “Every star and planet holds untold riches and dangers. Each encounter will require skills in trading, diplomacy, and combat. Allocate power to engines, charge all weapons, and take on the worst the galaxy has to handle.”

The music for the game was written by the very talented Niamh Houston, known as Chipzel and is available for purchase on bandcamp.  Since its release many supporters have given it rave reviews:

This ost is a gem on its own. The varied musical themes take you on a roundtrip across the galaxy. Favorite track: Sakari.Supporter, Niels Vermeulen

The soundtrack for Interstellaria is, well, STELLAR. Seriously. It’s like FTL and Super Hexagon had a baby, and it is awesome. Also, it was ridiculously hard to choose between Xiwang and Annihilation as a “favorite track”, seriously. Favorite track: Xiwang.Supporter, Blazing Glaceon

My only experience with Chipzel’s music was the track “Menacing Wonders” she provided for Brave Wave’s hit album In Flux.

I’m still listening to the album but so far my favorite track is the final track on the album “Somnolence” which has a scratching vinyl lullaby sound.

The album is available now on bandcamp for 5 pounds,  just under $8.00 US.  The soundtrack can also be purchased as a DLC with the game on Steam.  Have you played Intersellaria and experienced Chipzel’s music in the game? Let us know what you think!

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