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It's No Mere "Myth," It's Really Happening! Xenogears Orchestra!

It’s No Mere “Myth,” It’s Really Happening! Xenogears Orchestra!

December 30, 2010 | | 11 Comments Share thison Facebook It’s No Mere “Myth,” It’s Really Happening! Xenogears Orchestra!on Twitter

Square Enix has opened, and added details to, the official website for the upcoming album MYTH: The Xenogears Orchestral Album.

The catalog number is SQEX-10230. The release date is February 23, 2011. So far, the only place to preorder is Square Enix’s own shop, but they list Sony Music Japan and Amazon Japan buttons (currently grayed-out). Like most SQEX releases, however, this will probably be pre-order-able at most online import shops in a couple of weeks.

The music has been performed by the Bulgarian National Radio Orchestra, and at this point the only arranger we know of is Mitsuda himself. Whether or not additional arrangement or orchestration was provided by outside sources remains to be seen.

The tracklist is available on the official website, as is a loop of a sample of the opening track (which, not very coincidentally, happens to be the opening track of the game itself). Here’s the full tracklist in English, thanks to Zanasea @

01 Dark Daybreak -Orchestra Version-
02 My Village is Number One -Orchestra Version-
03 Flight -Orchestra Version-
04 Unstealable Jewel -Orchestra Version-
05 Stage of Death -Orchestra Version-
06 The Wind Calls to Shevat in the Blue Sky -Orchestra Version-
07 October Mermaid -Piano Version-
08 Bonds of Sea and Flame -Orchestra Version-
09 The Gentle Breeze Sings -Orchestra Version-
10 In a Prison of Peace and Regret -Orchestra Version-
11 lost… Broken Shards -Orchestra Version-
12 The Beginning and the End -Orchestra Version-
13 SMALL TWO OF PIECES -Orchestra Version-
14 Faraway Promise -Piano Version-

Get psyched, people. This thing is really happening. Maybe that other project, which holds a sort of Duke Nukem Forever stigma about it, will happen next. C’mon Chrono Cross!

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