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Japanese Devs & Hiroki Kikuta Team Up for Military Tactics Game TINY METAL

October 14, 2016 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Japanese Devs & Hiroki Kikuta Team Up for Military Tactics Game TINY METALon Twitter


Los Angeles, California – October 11, 2016AREA 34 is pleased to announce TINY METAL, a military-themed turn-based tactical game for PlayStation 4 and PC developed by a team of industry veterans from Japan known as Project Milk. TINY METAL draws inspiration from titles like Advance Wars and aims to modernize this long-forgotten game genre with deep tactical gameplay for both casual and hardcore fans, an engaging story, and a mesmerizing soundtrack. Project Milk is headed by Hiroki Kikuta, who is best known as the composer of Secret of Mana, but also has extensive experience creating games, with TINY METAL marking his triumphant return to game development.

TINY METAL was recently greenlit on Steam and Project Milk has prepared a playable prototype for players to see their progress. Currently on Kickstarter, Project Milk hopes to raise $50,000 USD by October 18 to fund development:

  • EXPERIENCE the future of military-themed turn-based tactics games
  • FIGHT your way through an eight-hour story-rich campaign rife with political drama
  • AVENGE your beloved king and peoples of Artemisia against the evil Zipang shogunate
  • PLAN your next move with deep tactical gameplay requiring courage and skill
  • COMPETE against friends in multiplayer skirmishes
  • BEHOLD a memorable cast of beautifully hand-drawn allies and villains
  • LISTEN to a catchy and upbeat soundtrack by I Am Setsuna composer Tomoki Miyoshi

“Happy Town” – TINY METAL


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Source: Scarlet Moon Promotions

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