Japanese Musician Spotlight, and She’s a Man: Kaya

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Okay, this isn’t video game music, but I figured it would be cool to tell you about this talented singer anyway. Since he (yes, HE. Shocking, right?) is going to be performing at the Pacific Media Expo in Los Angles this weekend, I thought it would be a good time to give you a little bit of info for those who are thinking of attending. Now, you might not even consider going to his concert, but he’s actually a very interesting and entertaining performer.

Who knows? Maybe after you read this, you’ll give him a chance! Click the jump to hear more!

Back in 2001, Kaya, along with his then musical partner Hora, got their break in the now defunct group Schwarz Stein, which was predominantly dark wave and electronic music. Kaya was known for his very feminine features and deep, operatic voice. After the group broke up just 3 years after forming, Kaya decided to go solo. Why let such talent go to waste, right?

Since then he has released three albums and five singles, as well as performed many concerts, even one with a collaboration band called Node of Scherzo which featured Moi dix Mois singer Juka and Versailles singer Kamijo.

Willing to give him a listen? Here are some videos (some with actual movement) that can help you form your own opinions.

Kaya – Kugustu

Kaya – Masquerade

Schwarz Stein – Beautiful the Virgin

Schwarz Stein – New Vogue Children

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