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Pre-Order Jon Everist’s Shadowrun DRAGONFALL and HONG KONG on Vinyl Now

December 1, 2017 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Pre-Order Jon Everist’s Shadowrun DRAGONFALL and HONG KONG on Vinyl Nowon Twitter

On November 30, 2017, Black Screen Records announced that they are bringing Jon Everist’s soundtracks to the HarebrainedSchemes (HBS) games Shadowrun: Dragonfall, and Shadowrun: Hong Kong to vinyl later this winter. Pre-orders have already begun, and the albums have already become top sellers for vinyl soundtracks on bandcamp. Shadowrun: Dragonfall will be available on limited edition clear 180g single vinyl, Shadowrun: Hong Kong on limited edition gold/silver 180g double vinyl.

Remastered by Christian Bethge at RAMA Tonstudio (Dear Esther, Another World, Syberia 3), Jon Everist’s cinematic soundtracks to the beloved Shadowrun series will get a high quality vinyl treatment through Black Screen Records with all-new original artworks by concept artists and illustrators Jenn Ravenna (Dragonfall) and Joel DuQue (Hong Kong) who both have originally worked on the games at Harebrained Schemes in Seattle. The vinyl soundtracks will be housed in poly-lined inner sleeves and will come with free mp3 download codes. Mock ups and additional layout by Dane Baudoin (Another World, Earthworm Jim).

“The Shadowrun series was a joy to work on, and will always occupy a special place in my memory. I felt humbled and privileged that I got to write themes for characters like Glory, and to fill the streets of dystopian Hong Kong with my unique take on this compelling and rich universe. The talented team at HBS and their fantastic writing made my job easy.” – Jon Everist

OSV interviewed Jon Everist back in June of this year, and he shared some details about his time working on the soundtracks for both games. Jon Everist also was my choice of of Artist of the year in 2015 for his work on Shadowrun: Hong Kong, and if you missed my “Must Listen” review of the soundtrack you can read it here.

The composer is also offering signed copies of each soundtrack directly on his bandcamp page, which are limited to 50 copies each. You can also purchase prints of the stunning album artwork.

Are you excited to hear these soundtracks on vinyl?

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