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Kickstarter Exclusive album The Galway Works now available to all

November 8, 2016 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Kickstarter Exclusive album The Galway Works now available to allon Twitter


Fans of coffee table books and old computers may remember the Kickstarter campaign for Commodore 64: a Visual Compendium that was launched (and fully funded) on January 18th. Backers of the 260-page tome had the chance to snag a physical CD featuring remixes of famed chiptune composer and C64 legend, Martin Galway. The initial playlist featured remixes by another chiptune veteran, Allister Brimble. Thanks to the exuberant funding of backers the stretch goals expanded to include more remixes from fabled folks like Jeroen Tel, Mike Clarke and Chris Huelsbeck.

I didn’t tell you all of this to get your hopes up for a sweet backer reward you can’t even listen to though! Now that the book and physical CD have been shipped to the backers Brimble has released the album — The Galway Works — for everyone else’s digital consumption. Available for about $10, you can grab the 13-track album from Bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play or stream it on Spotify now.

Included are remixes of Galway’s most iconic creations from the Comic Bakery theme to his interpretation of Rambo II. Wizball, Arkanoid, Green Beret, Terra Cresta and more are also featured on the album. Brimble has also released similar remix albums for the ZX Spectrum and the Amiga which Brenna reviewed not too long ago.

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