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Kirby 25th Anniversary CD, DVD, Blu-ray Announced for Japan

October 17, 2017 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook Kirby 25th Anniversary CD, DVD, Blu-ray Announced for Japanon Twitter

Kirby 25th Anniversary CD, DVD, Blu-ray Announced for Japan

Of Nintendo’s longest running franchises Kirby is one of the youngest, playing little sibling to the likes of Mario, Zelda, and Metroid who all recently celebrated thirty years. Nevertheless, Nintendo is giving the pink puff an impressive 25th anniversary package in three colorful varieties on CD, DVD, and Blu-ray. All three versions of Kirby 25th Anniversary Orchestra Concert will be released in Japan on December 20th. Here’s the rundown on what’s included.

The 2-disc CD album features a recording of the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra performing ‘The Kirby 25th Anniversary Concert” from July on Disc 1. Kirby Memorial Arrange makes up the second disc and contains live performances, vocal tracks, and other arrangements of Kirby themes that weren’t featured in the concert. Also included with the colorful packaging is a Kirby 25th anniversary pin badge with the whole thing on sale for about $30.


Stepping things up is the CD+DVD bundle that includes the 2-disc album and pin badge as well as a video recording of ‘The Kirby 25th Anniversary Concert” performance. There’s also some interview footage with long-time Kirby developers to reminisce on the series anniversary. This $70 bundle comes with an interchangeable case with three designs and a classy cover box to store the CD and DVD in.

Kirby 25th Anniversary CD, DVD, Blu-ray Announced for Japan

Finally, there’s the $80 CD+Blu-ray edition that includes all the same footage from the DVD in higher quality, edited with direct feed footage of the gameplay that was projected behind the orchestra during the performance. The 2-disc album, pin badge, and classy cover box are all included with a unique design on the Blu-ray disc. It’s not a massive bonus but the big deal about the Blu-ray edition is that it will only be available to order online between November 8th and the 24th. After that it’ll be paying exorbitant prices to resellers.

If the price is too steep but you love the look of this 25th anniversary artwork, check out the official anniversary site. It’s in Japanese but you don’t need to read the language to bask in the adorable artwork and the mountain of character goods piling up in Japan. If you need a little musical accompaniment while browsing, check out the recently released tribute album Kirby25: A Chiptuned Retrospective.

Any Kirby fans planning on picking up the CD, DVD or Blu-ray? How about one of those LED humidifiers?

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