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Know Your MAG – Super Soul Bros.

January 9, 2015 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Know Your MAG – Super Soul Bros.on Twitter

MAGFest has been getting pretty diverse with its performers throughout the years, going from rock and metal to classical and jazz, and this Know Your MAG helps showcase a little bit more in the form of the soul/funk/blues fusion of the Super Soul Bros.

Hailing from the Bay Area, the band consists of several talented musicians: Robbie Benson (keys), Brian Sheu  (guitar), Alfredo Vega (drums), Chris Haman  (percussion / drums), Frederick Paclibon  (bass), Luke Borello (bass), Bernard Sapitola  (trumpet), Lionel Briones  (alto sax), Alex Popoff  (tenor sax), Christian Manzana  (trombone) & Matt Michielin  (trumpet). Starting in 2011 as the brainchild of Robbie Benson and slowly building up as they went, the band intrigrated more members into their ranks, until a fully-fledged video game band was formed and started making a name for themselves across San Jose venues and surrounding areas.

Dealing in game music with a hardy helping of soul (as well as blues, jazz, funk, rock and more), the Super Soul Bros. performed recently at Game Over: San Jose and have a incredible amount of style in their music, yet an incredible casual feel to their performance (much like fellow jazz/funk band The One Ups). Their most recent album, “Live at San Pedro Square” features a combination of NES and Sega Genesis tunes in true blues fashion.

If you’re looking for some smooth grooves with a bit of bite to them, then be sure to catch Super Soul Bros. at MAGFest 13 in just a few weeks! If you can’t wait that long, be sure to grab their albums on Bandcamp!

Super Soul BrosBandcamp | Facebook | Twitter

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