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Know Your MAG – The Tiberian Sons

January 5, 2015 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Know Your MAG – The Tiberian Sonson Twitter

It’s that time of year again; time for Know Your MAG! MAGFest 13 is under 3 weeks away, and there are a lot of new bands and performers this year, and bands we never got to cover this year that we might know a bit more about, so let’s not waste any more time!

Some bands are created specifically for debut at MAGFest, with either the intention of sticking solely to the music and gaming festival as a fun hobby, or to use it as a stepping stone for greater stardom down the line. New band The Tiberian Sons is one of those that are a little of both groups that will be a secondary performer at MAG 13.

The four-man metal band is made up of Colorado-based Tony “Prince of Darkness” Dickinson, formerly of Dwelling of Duels Live, on primary guitar and drummer Travis Moberg, guitarist Connor Engstrom from the mid-west, and Quebecois Max “Wild_Cat” Noel on bass. These men hope to melt your eardrums and thrash your soul into silly-putty with their symphonic metal melodies. By their own admission, however, ” The Tiberian Sons are NOT in fact a Command & Conquer cover band, they just think C&C is metal as #%&$”. (Bassist Noel confesses that the band suggestion “Pud’s Dudes”, a parody of Dickinson’s PuD’s DuDs album, was pitched and subsequently rejected prior to settling on their current name. A shame.)

The Tiberian Sons will be playing on Sunday amongst the other secondary bands performing at MAGFest 13. We’ll keep you updated for exact times and days of all performances when they are released, and be sure to register for MAG if you haven’t already!

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Disclaimer: The author has a casual friendship with at least one member of Tiberian Sons outside of the MAGFest professional arena.

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