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Korean Linkin Park?  S.F.A's New Land of Chaos Online Trailer Music

Korean Linkin Park? S.F.A’s New Land of Chaos Online Trailer Music

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You may be familiar with the name S.F.A (Sound Fashion Adviser) from their work on Granado Espada and our interview with chief producer Sevin Kwak. Well, get ready for an entirely new sound from the studio with this trailer from Land of Chaos Online, a new MMORPG from Korea.

I’m generally a huge fan of game music out of Korea, but this more so mirrors American tastes, sounding awfully close to Linkin Park with the wailing guitars, melancholy piano work, and gritty vocals. I really dig the musical backing for sure, but could go without the vocals. The game itself looks like a step back in terms of CG graphics, but I suppose I’m more interested in how the soundtrack shapes than the game itself.

Are you a fan of S.F.A’s past work on Granado Espada? What do you make of this trailer song?

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