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La La Land Records is Taking Requests for Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary Album

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La La Land Records who have in the past release several video game soundtracks on CD, and a large volume of Star Trek music is putting out even more for Star Trek’s 50th anniversary this year. This month saw the release of their second volume of music from Star Trek: The Next Generation, later this year they expect to release a 4CD set featuring the music from Star Trek: Voyager, and second volumes for both Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Enterprise.

What’s more exciting for music fans is that La La Land Records is taking requests for a 50th Anniversary album spanning the entire 50 years of Star Trek! They are looking for fan request of their favorite musical moments form the series that have not been released before. has the definitive list of what Star Trek music has already been released in the past, so if you want to see if the music from your favorite episode is available it is a great place to start.  There has also been several Star Trek video game soundtracks that have never been released on CD including Star Trek: Online by composed by Kevin Manthei

We have a “50th Anniversary” Star Trek collection that we’re going to do a little differently…because we’re TAKING REQUESTS! This 50th Anniversary album (# of discs TBD) will have music from across the 50 years of the Star Trek franchise—including previously unreleased cues from TNG, DS9, VOY (beyond the upcoming album) and ENT.  This is not to say there may not be future volumes for DS9, ENT and the other shows, but for now, we are concentrating on this 50th Anniversary collection to present as much previously unreleased music as we can.  So…if you have favorite scores and/or cues… be as specific as you want from the episodes—give me Netflix timecode from the episodes and I will make sure to try to include the correct piece!”  

Lukas Kendall on working on the set with La La Land Records

The place to get your requests in in the Film Score Monthly Message Board. It is free to register, and when submitting requests wait about 30 seconds for it to post because the message board does lag slightly.

I put in a few requests myself including the music of Q’s Mariachi Band from Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode “Deju Q”.

Are you a Star Trek fan, and is there any Star Trek music  that you would like to see on La La Land Records upcoming 50th Anniversary Album?

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