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La-La Land Records’ Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary Album is here!

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Back in January of this year we let OSV readers know that La-La Land Records was taking fan requests for their most wanted unreleased or rare Star Trek music. The set was originally planned to be released as a 3 CD set in September to coincide with the 50th anniversary, but now just in time for the holiday season arrived as an incredible 4 disc set that went on sale Tuesday November 29, 2016.

La-La Land Records and CBS present, STAR TREK: 50th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION – MUSICAL RARITIES FROM ACROSS THE STAR TREK UNIVERSE, a sensational celebration of 50 years of Star Trek music in honor of the landmark series’ five-decade milestone. Travel at warp through Star Trek’s spellbinding musical history, with rare and exciting selections from the franchise’s varied television series, films, games, themed attractions and more!

DISC ONE features cues from the original, classic STAR TREK TV series (most of which were released on our TOS BOX SET, but have been sourced from newly discovered elements), as well the oft-requested STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE track “Inner Workings,” (featuring the wind machine more prominently) and STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN’s “End Titles,” (without the narration as heard on previous soundtrack releases.)

DISC TWO showcases the official world premiere release of music from STAR TREK: THE ANIMATED SERIES, the beloved 70’s Filmation TV series, as well as original STAR TREK-inspired compositions from Ron Jones, and STAR TREK BORG, a score by Dennis McCarthy from an interactive 1996 movie/computer game.

DISC THREE features previously unreleased scores from STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, including such episodes “Coming of Age,” “The Hunted,” “Tapestry” and more, as well as the series’ trailer music.

DISC FOUR contains more unreleased THE NEXT GENERATION, including “Deja Q,” “Elementary, Dear Data,” and others, as well as unreleased demo tracks from DEEP SPACE NINE, and VOYAGER, original score from the famed Las Vegas attraction, STAR TREK: THE EXPERIENCE, and still more!

Produced by Lukas Kendall and mastered by Doug Schwartz and James Nelson, this special collection contains a 48-page booklet with exclusive liner notes by writer Jeff Bond and stellar art design by Mark Banning. This treasure trove of musical gems from the most celebrated sci-fi television series of all time has a total running time of more than five full hours and is limited to 3000 units.

La-La Land Records

I am simply overjoyed that some of my requests made the set, including my most wanted piece “La Paloma (traditional)” from the Star Trek: The next Generation episode “Deja Q”. The music from the video game Star Trek: Borg also get its first official release on this set, it had been previously been released by the composer on a promotional CD-R which is no longer available. You can purchase the set for $49.98 on La-La Land Records website.

Did you make any fan requests for this 50th Anniversary set?

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