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Lady Gaga Joins Korean Pop Artists On Audition, Crazy Breakdancing MMOG From Korea

September 10, 2009 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook Lady Gaga Joins Korean Pop Artists On Audition, Crazy Breakdancing MMOG From Koreaon Twitter

Craziest post title on the site? Yes! I thought the idea of a rhythm-based breakdancing MMO game on the PC was strange enough before Lady Gaga entered the picture, but hey, at least the Korean pop tracks featured in the game are my jam (stealing this phrase from Dale, by the way).

But let me back up. I’ve been playing Korean-developed Audition for the last couple days, and what I can tell you is that first, it’s absolutely bizarre, second, it’s frustratingly difficult, and third, it’s amazing to listen to. Basically you press the arrow keys on your keyboard at blazing fast speeds to complete sequences of arrows before the fourth beat of the measure. Trust me when I tell you it’s nearly impossible. Yes, some people are quite good at it, and I quickly befriended some amazing players during my brief time with Audition. They were really open and supportive of crappy players like myself, which was nice change of pace for an MMO game. Oh, and it turned out they were all approximately 15 years old! I felt like a creepy old man for the first time in my life.

So, I thought I’d share the amazing song list from the game with you. It’s a really vibrant game (it’s from Korea, duh!), and I loved a lot of the Korean tracks, especially “Nobody” by Wonder Girls. It’s a shame that the game doesn’t display the Korean track titles properly, but hopefully they’ll fix that soon. In the meantime, check out the game’s official website. It’s free to play with a robust microtransaction system that lets you buy clothes, new songs, and additional features.

Skim through the full song list from the game after the jump.

4Flava – Untouchable
4Flava – Feelin Bout U
Allan Cutler – Be the one
Allan Cutler – Love on the dance floor
Allan Cutler – when you dance
Allan Cutler – Give Up On Us
Allan Cutler – The One
Allan Cutler – What If
Allan Cutler – My Love
Allan Cutler – Saturday
Allan Cutler – All or Nothing
Becca – are you ready
Becca – dance floor
Becca – angry song
Becca – dance all night
Becca – how do I know
Becca – ohh
Becca – Handle This
Bexy – believe
Bexy – I gotta be
Bexy – just a girl
Bexy – yea
Bexy – Don’t Bring Me Down
Bexy – Meant For Me
Cascada – Everytime we touch
Chantalle – Silly Boy
Chrissy – My Slushy
Chrissy – Strut
Danielle Calato – You Got Me Hot
DJ Regal – Move Ya Body
DJ Regal feat. Erica – Here We Go
Fiona – life of the party
H*Wood – Hollywood life
Jordyn Taylor – shake it
Kallie – we own the night
Kallie – Your Love
Kyven – kyven – all_beginning
Lady Gaga – Poker face
Laura Roppe – laura_roppe – sing_a_love_song
MJP – Again Final Mix Take 2 (Again)
MJP – What’s Good
MJP – Where I’m Coming From
Mole – mole – say_my_name
Morgan Hayes – Ain’t enough
Nayome – burning up
Pair-A-Dice – There’s No Stoppin’ Us
Rosy Donnovan – Shattering
Sean kingston – Fire burning on the dance floor
Sharif – sharif – lauren
Sharif – sharif – you_are_my_girl
Shaymin – Shake
Shiner22 – shiner22 – youre_all_i_want
Sirocco – Brain On Music
Sirocco – Go
Sorocco – all about me
Sorocco – infamous
Tesz – Don’t Take Too Long
Various Artist – Nobody (Wonder Girls)
Various Artist – GEE (Girl Generation)
Various Artist – Red Sunset (Big Bang)
Various Artist – Heaven (Big Bang)
Various Artist – Love & War (Davichi)
Various Artist – 1 min 1 sec (Epic High)
Various Artist – Cinderella (InYoung Suh)
Various Artist – Day By Day (Big Bang)
Various Artist – More Today Than Yesterday (Jongguk Kim)
Various Artist – U-Go-Girl (Hyori Lee)
Various Artist – La La La (SG Wannabe)
Various Artist – Stop the wind (Loveholic)
Various Artist – Between Love and Friendship (Suyoung Lee)
Various Artist – There’s no other (Seungchul Lee)
Various Artist – After Love (FT Island)
Audition – Sweetie
Audition – Euro 2005
Audition – Destiny
Audition – Digital Soul
Audition – U Know
Audition – Elec Bossa
Audition – Canon Groove
Audition – Get on the Floor
Audition – B Soul Funk
Audition – 3254 Techno Party
Audition – Heavy Metal Syndrome
Audition – Dream Machine
Audition – 1,2 Fiesta
Audition – Queen of Dancing
Audition – Yo! DJ!
Audition – You
Audition – Mov Mov
Audition – You’re Already Gone
Audition – Let’s Start It
Audition – Party Party
Audition – No Space
Audition – I can not abandon it
Audition – Promise
Audition – One step
Audition – Catch
Audition – Get Down
Audition – Sunrise
Audition – Apology
Audition – Like a Loser
Audition – Canon 2007
Audition – Happy Ending
Audition – Listen
Audition – Lie
Audition – At the Same Time
Audition – Who Who
Audition – Love Mode
Audition – Good
Audition – Discreet
Audition – What Else Do You Want?
Audition – Like U
Audition – Please Stand Up
Audition – With You
Audition – It’s Alright
Audition – Spain Moonlight
Audition – Chinese Lady
Audition – Funky Town
Audition – Driving At Night
Audition – Can Can
Audition – I will be very good to you
Audition – Shall We Dance
Audition – Sad Samba
Audition – Last Summer
Audition – Moody Dance
Audition – Can Can (Acoustic Mix)
Audition – Cow Boy
Audition – Let’s Jive
Audition – Passion
Audition – Opera
Audition – December (VOX tune)

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