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Lay Down And Feel My Wisdom, Woman! Tree of Knowledge -Eroge Tribute-

April 27, 2011 | | 4 Comments Share thison Facebook Lay Down And Feel My Wisdom, Woman! Tree of Knowledge -Eroge Tribute-on Twitter

Most of the Western audience has little idea or knowledge on the subject of Eroge games, more commonly referred to as hentai or to a smaller extent bishoujo games. Usually, the mention of such games will be centered around the fact that anime characters are engaging in coitus, which is much more silly than say a country which manages to believe in Donald Trump as a possible future president. But truth be told, Eroge games have had a huge impact on game music history and many of today’s big wigs had their start in the genre, producing some of the very best soundtracks ever crafted for video games, especially on the Japanese based home computers NEC PC-88 and its successor PC-98.

Dutch imported Sweden based composer Steven Velema, better known as surasshu and the equally great Ken “coda” Snyder have taken notice of the incredible musical material, and got their hands out of their pants to make a tribute CD based on the style of music found in the steamy video games found on PC-98. Taking cues from legendary names like Ryu Umemoto, their tribute CD is structured much like those soundtracks, and on the website it even offers a back-story and “screenshots” as if it was a legit release from the 90s. The music itself is luckily as good as the awesome presentation, and the international duo have managed to craft a a faux soundtrack that is close to as good as the real deal. In addition, the CD comes with authentic styled art and drawings by Diana Jakobsson and pixel artist Jordan Chewning.

The CD goes for $12, and is scheduled for release on 1st of May. Celebrate the real labor day by unloading with the sounds of PC-98 done righteously.

Check out YogurtBox for order info and their official trailer.

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