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Learn Final Fantasy For Ukulele: Final Fantasy Ukulele Solo Collections

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Ever wished you could impress your friends with ukulele arrangements of the best Final Fantasy songs from the series? Well, here’s your chance. A couple years back, a guitar book was released containing unique arrangements of Final Fantasy tracks, and coolest of all, a CD was included that “demonstrated” what the songs were supposed to sound like. It looks like they’ve followed suit with a ukulele version as well.

Just like the guitar album, this one starts from the original Final Fantasy and moves chronologically all the way through Final Fantasy XII’s “Kiss me Good-Bye.” Some of my personal favorites are here, including “Town” from the original Final Fantasy as well as “Shadow” and “Kids Run Through The City Corner” from Final Fantasy VI. There are 32 tracks in all, and I recommend checking this out if not for the CD alone.

Is a Final Fantasy ukulele book one of the best ideas ever as far as music training books are concerned? Would you consider picking it up?

Hit the jump for the full tracklist from the Final Fantasy Ukulele Solo Collections.

01. Prelude
02. Opening Theme
03. Town
04. Fanfare
05. Ending Theme
06. Finale
07. Chocobo Theme
08. Time Remains
09. The Boundless Ocean
10. Ending Theme -I-
11. Theme of Love
12. Rydia
13. Welcome to Our Town!
14. Melody of Lute
15. Lenna’s Theme
16. One Day, for Certain
17. Orgel of Memories
18. To Dear Friends
19. Shadow
20. Kids Run Through The City Corner
21. Tina
22. Farm Boy
23. Aerith’s Theme
24. My Mind
25. Eyes On Me
26. Ukule le Chocobo
27. Hermit’s Library: Daguerreo
28. Melodies Of Life
29. At Zanarkand
30. Suteki da ne
31. Recollection
32. Kiss Me Good-Bye

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