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Les Friction Offers Second Free Download: Title Track “Louder Than Words”

January 2, 2012 | | 2 Comments Share thison Facebook Les Friction Offers Second Free Download: Title Track “Louder Than Words”on Twitter

Earlier this month we mentioned the first single by a new group started by E.S. Posthumus’s Helmut Vonlichten called Les Friction. Now the group is offering a second downloadable song for free from their upcoming debut album, which we’ve now been told will be released less than a month from now on January 24, 2012. The new downloadable track is the title song for the album, Louder Than Words. But the news gets better, as the group will be releasing a third free song, “Here Comes The Reign,” about a week before the album drops.

“Louder Than Words” starts out with singing reminiscent of something you’d hear in a Queen or Styx piece, but the epic sound familiar to E.S. Posthumus fans soon joins in. At times, it feels a bit like “Unstoppable” from the E.S. Posthumus Makara album, but with an additional type of emotion on account of the vocals. As was written in our previous article about Les Friction, the lyrics really do add to the complexity and potential awesomeness of the sound created by E.S. Posthumus, and with this new song, we’re very amped to get this album in our hands.

To hear both of the downloadable Les Friction songs, visit their site, click the “Get it Now” button and enter your email address. This will get you the songs and also sign you up for news about their third single when it’s released.

Based on what you’ve heard from this new group, are you as excited as us for this album? Do you think the vocals add or detract from the now-classic ‘E.S. Posthumus sound?’

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