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Listen to Classic NES Tunes Reversed in Stemage’s RETROGRESSION

July 7, 2017 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Listen to Classic NES Tunes Reversed in Stemage’s RETROGRESSIONon Twitter


Here’s a fun little treat to close out your holiday week. Grant “Stemage” Henry of Metroid Metal and Viking Guitar Live renown has decided to take some of the most iconic tunes from the NES library and literally spins them in reverse with RETROGRESSION VOL.1. The resulting reversed tracks prove that the musical library of many NES games, such as Super Mario Bros. and Punch Out! are just as amazing backwards as they are forwards.

Henry proves the legitimacy of his retro reversals by also releasing the tracks themselves reversed into their original compositions in order to hear exactly how on-the-mark he hits with the backwards transcriptions.

You can grab RETROGRESSION VOL.1 (meaning we could see more volumes in the future) at the name-your-price tier on the Stemage Bandcamp site.

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