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Listen to Excerpts from Steven Burke’s Score for HOW WE SOAR

November 28, 2016 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Listen to Excerpts from Steven Burke’s Score for HOW WE SOARon Twitter

After E3 this year I wrote about my top five most anticipated soundtracks, and on that list at number three you’ll see How We Soar. The game which is being developed by Penny Black Studios as a title for Playstation VR. Steve Burke has worked previously on the music for the games Kameo:Elements of Power and Viva Pinata.

Over the past couple of days Penny Black Studios has been releasing excerpts from the game’s soundtrack on their Soundcloud page. I imagine that they will continue to release more excerpts leading up to the game’s release. I was actually tipped off about this from a tweet by Graeme Norgate who shared a link to the latest score clip. You can sample all of the clips below.

“The Depths” features some lovely strings and long noted cello, which creates a wonderful sense of awe before the sample ends.

“Across Space and Time” opens with elegant soft piano accompanied by equally delicate strings which play off each other gracefully.

“Romance is like…” to be honest if my favorite piece because it has some lovely high toned woodwinds and warm cello melody.

Keep checking back with OSV as we’ll be sharing further details of the soundtrack when we know more. According to PowerUpGaming How We Soar will be released next week. I for one will happily be enjoying these excerpts leading up to its release.

What do you think of the score excerpts after your first listen?

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