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Little King’s Story Secret Music Sample Site Revealed

August 14, 2009 | | 4 Comments Share thison Facebook Little King’s Story Secret Music Sample Site Revealedon Twitter

Remember when Little King’s Story producer Yoshiro Kimura told us at E3 that he wanted to make the game’s music available to fans? Well, he wasn’t kidding, as Marvelous has just uploaded 6 minute-long clips from the game’s soundtrack.

So, how do you get them? Well, Kimura-san told us in an email that it’s a “rare secret” just for you guys. Basically, go to this Japanese URL, and type the word “king” into the text box on the page. It will take you to another page where you can download the 6 music samples. They sound great, and this is definitely appreciated, but I wish they’d release that promotional CD to the public already!

Have you been enjoying the music in Little King’s Story? Does this “secret” sample site satisfy your LKS music needs, or does it leave you wanting more?

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