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Live Music by Piano and Strings: 7th Dragon Super Arrange Version Track List

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Another RPG from Yuzo Koshiro, another arrange album produced by Norihiko Hibino. Last year Koshiro’s work on Etrian Odyssey received numerous arrange albums produced by Norihko Hibino, the last of which was the Live Music by Piano and Strings: Sekaiju no Meiq I+II Super Arrange Version, but this time around it’s Koshiro’s latest project, 7th Dragon that’s receiving the small ensemble treatment.

Due out on June 24 from 5pb. Records, the arrange album will once again see the return of both Koshiro, Hibino, and a number of live performers to recreate some of the most memorable pieces from the score. Recording is already complete, and we’ve been fortunate enough to receive the official track list for the album, so start saving up for that import now!

Were you a fan of the Etrian Odyssey piano and strings album? Are you looking forward to a similar approach with the 7th Dragon arrange album?

Find out which tracks made the cut after the jump.

01 The Adventurer’s Beginning
02 Castle of the Hero King / Kazan Republic
03 Journey – Land of Departure ~ Journey – Land of Dragons and Flowers
04 Battlefield – Swords Bursting ~ Battlefield – Howl, Veteran Soldiers!
05 Labyrinth – Domain of the Bewitching Flowers ~ Battlefield – Enraged Ones
06 The Tale Began
07 Beautiful Garden / Miross Federation
08 Labyrinth – Jungle Navigation
09 Peaceful Inn ~ Choice
10 The Lion’s Resting Place / Aizen Empire ~ Isolated War Association / Nebanplace Empire
11 Battlefield – Seven Threats
12 Journey – Soaring the Heavens, Travelling the Oceans ~ Journey – Land of Conflict
13 Songstress of the South Seas / Marlleaire Islands

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