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Lost Gems Within freesscape’s Lost Petals Single (Review)

May 27, 2011 | | 5 Comments Share thison Facebook Lost Gems Within freesscape’s Lost Petals Single (Review)on Twitter

I mentioned in our review of Now is the point at which I touch eternity that freesscape had released “Lost Petals” as a separate single back in February. It’s been a little while since we took a look at the album, so I thought it was time to take a look back at the single, which is actually a whole lot more than your typical single.

More along the lines of an EP, Lost Petals features four tracks, and several of them offer up quite a surprise. See what I mean in our review after the jump.

As I mentioned, the ‘EP’ features four tracks, although three have already been released in some form. “Lost Petals,” the title track, is probably the most accessible and single-worthy track from Now is the point at which I touch eternity with its grungy bass work and crash cymbals, so it’s no surprise that it’d be ‘singled’ out for a single release. It’s a great track, and a great way to get turned on to freesscape even if you’re not into trip-hop.

The next track, “Shining Through,” is actually freesscape’s contribution to the Ge On Dan Rare Tracks Volume 2 album. It’s quite a surprise in that it’s a whole lot more upbeat than their normal fare. It takes on a sort of jazzy show tune feel with incredibly uplifting and inspirational vocals. Normally I tend to dismiss these kinds of songs as ‘cheesy,’ but of course if anyone could do it right, it’d be Emi Evans with her beautiful voice. This one is really a lot of fun.

“Storm [Single Version]” is another track that’s featured on Now is the point at which I touch eternity. It’s highly electronic in style with its driving percussion and tumultuous vocals and piano work. The track title is quite fitting.

The final track is all new, and is exclusive to the single. “Beast in the Vault” is darker than the other tracks here with its descending synth lines that trickle down into the depths while layer upon layer of Evans’s voice create beautiful harmonies, floating above the rest of the mix. Percussion and chugging electric guitar are added to the mix as the piece decisively marches forward.

In all, this single, or EP, is a great showcase of freesscape’s versatility. While a number of the tracks are featured elsewhere, there’s still value in the single in that it draws from two separate albums and throws in an exclusive (and fantastic) track as well. I highly recommend checking it out if you’re a fan of freescape or want a small sample of what they’re about.

What do you think freesscape’s versatile offerings on the Lost Petals single?

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