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Lumines: Puzzle & Music brings Classic Puzzle/Rhythm Zen to Mobile

July 20, 2016 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Lumines: Puzzle & Music brings Classic Puzzle/Rhythm Zen to Mobileon Twitter


Everyones favorite reason to own a PlayStation Portable is coming back again. Lumines: Puzzle & Music is out now on iOS and Android in Japan and Australasia, bringing the classic tracks that made the game a hit as well as new music and visuals to a whole new generation. While the name may bring to mind the gameplay fusion of mobile titles like Puzzle & Dragons, Lumines is sticking to what it knows best: mesmerizing block dropping set to trippy tunes. Even series creator, Tetsuya Mizuguchi, is back on board to help develop this mobile iteration.

Very much like previous entries in the series, Puzzle & Music sees players rotating multicolored blocks and dropping them in place as a timeline sweeps across the screen and clears like colored pieces. As the beat pounds and pieces stack up it’s easy to fall into a zen-like rhythm as the game moves from track to track. The combination of music, visuals and rhythmic action are what made Lumines a classic and that legacy looks to live on with Puzzle & Music.

Six classic songs (spoiler: yes, “Shinin” is in here!) are joined by eight new tracks with more on the way. Japanese Indie Pop group Sekai no Owari will be joining the roster and there’s an exclusive collection of music from the Ultra Japan Electronic festival coming in September. September is also the month when Puzzle & Music is expected to hit the U.S. app stores for around $2.99. Check after the break for the game’s current track list and enjoy the brief glimpse above in the launch trailer.

Lumines Classic Tracks:

1: Shinin ‘/ Mondo Grosso

2: ABACK / Takayuki Nakamura

3: TALK 2 YOU / Takayuki Nakamura

4: HOLIDAY IN SUMMER / Takayuki Nakamura

5: MEGURO / Takayuki Nakamura

6: SPIRITS / Takayuki Nakamura


Lumines: Puzzle & Music Tracks:

1:Earthrise / Beams Parade, Takako Ishida

2:Paradise / Blurred Light Island, Takako Ishida

3:Creativity / Creep Sequence, Yuki Ichiki

4:Maharaja / Shippu, Yuki Ichiki

5:Zipangu / East Star Nation, Takako Ishida

6:Temptation / Overnight Sensation, masaki kawasaki

7:Maximum / Secret / Yuki Ichiki

8:Universe / Around the Universe, metalmouse, Kat Mcdowell

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